Finished Cities

New Zealand has been transformed! Here are all the towns and cities that have been built so far. You can visit any of them by clicking the buttons on the right.

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All School Entries All Public Entries All Pages
Funtown Ross Boling Goldenview MS 39 119,541 Take a look
Air Heads Miranda and Sergio 39 117,788 Take a look
RammerTown Rammertown Oak Grove School District 68 39 97,318 Take a look
Bergen Norwegian 39 104,415 Take a look
charleville charlie Ronan Middle School 39 107,236 Take a look
Shawn Town shawn batten Frank Roberts Junior High 39 106,690 Take a look
keeta keeta 39 87,564 Take a look
VANISHA Vanisha Patel 39 93,181 Take a look
fire Andrew 39 89,184 Take a look
Hickman Ryan Crouse Norris High School 39 87,851 Take a look