Finished Cities

New Zealand has been transformed! Here are all the towns and cities that have been built so far. You can visit any of them by clicking the buttons on the right.

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All School Entries All Public Entries All Pages
the mayor abhilash 79 439,346 Take a look
156077 hunter renish Neil Armstrong Middle School 79 438,587 Take a look
Josh Josh Thunderbird High School 79 437,249 Take a look
Tractorville Mr.Harmer CEC 79 432,899 Take a look
Caleb Caleb Lewis McLaurin High School 79 432,731 Take a look
sm0kinG wehe Royal Oak Intermediate 79 436,457 Take a look
TORTERRA Dialga Saint Kentigern College 79 431,374 Take a look
Frankville FrankCity Ronan Middle School 79 430,397 Take a look
danteville dante 79 432,408 Take a look
Lazy Hannah spencer Berkley Normal Middle School 79 430,501 Take a look