Finished Cities

New Zealand has been transformed! Here are all the towns and cities that have been built so far. You can visit any of them by clicking the buttons on the right.

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city ben puertas VAN HOOSEN MIDDLE SCHOOL 80 24,033 Take a look
Jade Summer Columbia Junior High School 80 24,028 Take a look
colin rea ryan gordon William Tennent High School 80 24,018 Take a look
Westborough2 Elizabeth Nelson College for Girls 80 24,015 Take a look
Jaretown Jarek Golden Hills School 80 24,019 Take a look
rickycity ricardo alvarez SMS 80 24,027 Take a look
sumthing cera Imagine School at Palmer Ranch 80 23,991 Take a look
Reed Lisa Guy Queenstown Resort College 80 23,982 Take a look
whatawhata Andrew Northern Southland College 80 23,981 Take a look
30000 Matthew Seet 80 23,987 Take a look