Finished Cities

New Zealand has been transformed! Here are all the towns and cities that have been built so far. You can visit any of them by clicking the buttons on the right.

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All School Entries All Public Entries All Pages
paradise paradise2 81 78,758 Take a look
SunnyVille Pretty 81 78,740 Take a look
Aliciatown Alicia University High School 81 78,706 Take a look
Shukai Zhang Shukai Zhang St. AlbansSchool 81 78,603 Take a look
Awesomeville Ryan Humphrey North Gwinnett High School 81 78,597 Take a look
Sky High Vil kirsten pram Kokopu 81 78,595 Take a look
umbepoville Jake 81 78,592 Take a look
underground Kori Cupp Heritage 81 78,583 Take a look
G vill john 81 78,563 Take a look
Sadness ClaireZee Mary Ellen Henderson 81 78,460 Take a look