Finished Cities

New Zealand has been transformed! Here are all the towns and cities that have been built so far. You can visit any of them by clicking the buttons on the right.

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Jacob S. Walnut Creek Middle School 81 26,944 Take a look
5 Layne Dalton Layne Computech 81 26,935 Take a look
metropolis Michelle Carter Clover High School 81 26,928 Take a look
T&P Inc. Riley Burbach Parkston High School 81 26,932 Take a look
beast $ylan 81 26,919 Take a look
daniel daniel Four Points Middle School 81 26,931 Take a look
Packernation Amanda Golden Hills School 81 26,892 Take a look
JAN8 Hanlon, J Running Brushy Middle School 81 26,911 Take a look
jcBb6z7 Sean robertson Apollo High School 81 26,896 Take a look
okin Collin Davis Northern Highlands Regional High School 81 26,906 Take a look